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        • TEL:13609154326(Mr.Wang)
        • QQ:1832126906
        • E-mail:1832126906@qq.com

        Power engineering design / installation / commissioning

          Power engineering construction contract Sanji professional qualification:  

        >  Using telegram, drawing, construction and acceptance of the general contract for the "delivery key" project

        >  Installation of substations with 110kV and below voltage levels

        >  Undertake the installation project of 10kV open and close station

        >  Undertake external power supply cable project

        >  Undertake low voltage cable engineering

        >  Undertaking the installation project of the distribution room of the district

        >  Undertake the installation project of high base distribution room

        >  Undertaking one household and one table installation project

        >  Undertake urban road lighting project

          After-sales service business:  

        >  Maintenance, maintenance and renovation of power supply engineering

        >  Emergency repair service

        >  User electrical equipment maintenance service

        >  User electrical equipment for running service

        >  Test of high voltage electrical equipment and insulation safety equipment

        >  Insulation safety appliances and electrical materials sales

        >  The fabrication of a variable (matching) electric chamber simulation plate